Sea World Maritime Corporation

To Recruit the most competent
shipboard personnel and to
provide trainings needed to further
enhance their knowledge and

To attain the highest degree of
Principal's satisfaction by providing
efficient and prompt crewing

Sea World Maritime Corporation is
dedicated to fulfill Principal's
requirements by continually
providing improved crewing
services. The Officers and staff of
the organization shall work Hand-
in-Hand towards Principal's
SEA WORLD MARITIME CORPORATION is conducting in-house ANTI - PIRACY training for its own crew The course will teach sailors how to detect approaching pirates and who to communicate with in case of an attack. The guidelines include telling sailors to go full speed ahead in case the crew detects small vessels nearby, and to avoid sailing near coastlines.

Despite having no hand in plotting the course of international vessels where Pinoy seafarers are onboard, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will require all manning agencies to compel their ships to take the safe route if passing through the Coast of Somalia.

CIDO SHIPPING (KOREA) CO., LTD establishes the Company's policy for Safety/Quality/Environment/Health to provide the best satisfaction for customer, and to ensure prevention of human injury or loss of life at sea and shore, and avoidance of damage to the environment and to property, and to meet the requirements in accordance with ISM Code & ISO-9001 as follows.


a.    ensure safe operation of ship and protection of marine environment

b.    observe mandatory regulation and rule

c.    perform customer focus management

d.    make the best profit and

e.    continuosly improve effectiveness oc CSQ&EH
  Sea World Maritime Corporation