Sea World Maritime Corporation

To Recruit the most competent
shipboard personnel and to
provide trainings needed to further
enhance their knowledge and

To attain the highest degree of
Principal's satisfaction by providing
efficient and prompt crewing

Sea World Maritime Corporation is
dedicated to fulfill Principal's
requirements by continually
providing improved crewing
services. The Officers and staff of
the organization shall work Hand-
in-Hand towards Principal's
BOSUN / BOATSWAIN 1Entry Qualification Requirement

A. Holder of certificates for minimum standards of training for Deck Ratings under theSTCW95
    regulations and of related statutory certificates;

B. With good moral character;

C. Must have basic knowledge in seamanship, particularly: 
    -  Maintenance System;
    - Paint, types and surface maintenance;
    -  Splicing of wire and ropes;
    -  Leadership abilities in handling deck crew as job orders;
    -  Rigging of cargo handling gears, etc.

D. Knowledge of spoken English and has a valid driverís license;
E. At least 2 years experience as Able    
    Seaman onboard vessels trading worldwide;
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